Work at Home

Even as workplaces return to operating as they did before the pandemic, the majority of people report working from home is preferable to commuting and spending 8+ hours per day in the office. While they did not have the option to operate in their traditional workplace due to COVID-19, employees realized that remote and hybrid work offers more flexibility (a better work-life balance) without damaging their productivity.

Companies must understand that remote and hybrid work is not just a trend; it’s here to stay. Providing the option allows organizations to employ more productive and happier workers.

Remote Workers are More Productive

A recent Fortune study surveyed a randomized group of programmers, marketing, and finance staff. They found that hybrid and fully remote work reduces sick days and call-outs by 35% and results in 8% more code written.

Additionally, a two-year study by Great Place to Work found that the shift to remote work increased productivity across 800,000 employees by 6% on average.

Working from home instead of an office typically gives individuals a quieter, less distracting place to do their duties. They can avoid people popping into their office, interrupting work, and the general office “buzz” is eliminated.

Additionally, workers can get more sleep when they don’t have to commute every day, which is critical for remaining productive. A recent Gallup poll found that sleep deprivation costs an estimated $44.6 billion in lost productivity each year.

Working From Home Offers Greater Flexibility

When offered the option, 87% of workers take the opportunity to have more flexible work options, whether that means working from home full-time or operating in a hybrid role. According to a Mckinsey study, work flexibility is the #1 reason employees who quit their job during the pandemic decided to take a new position.

In a remote or hybrid position, many workers can do their jobs when they feel most productive. For example, it gives “morning people” the option to clock in early and get a jump-start on their day while people who are most productive in the evening can keep their workday going after 5 pm.

It also offers a better work-life balance, which is especially important for people with children. A more flexible work environment allows parents to stay home and work when their child is sick and can’t go to school, attend important events without taking a half-day off from work, and spend more time with their family because they aren’t commuting at the beginning and end of the day.

Hire Talented Remote Workers

Finding talented remote workers who you can trust to get the job done while working from home is simple with staffing and recruitment firms that specialize in locating contingent employees around the globe.

Synergy Solutions is a full-service recruitment firm that understands the importance of proactive recruitment to support your business needs. Call us when you’re ready to hire top remote or hybrid workers for any role.


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