The Importance of Upskilling for Companies and Individuals

Technological advances and a competitive job market mean that employees must continually upskill or be left behind. Gartner, Inc. data shows that nearly 60% of the workforce needs to learn new skills for optimal performance in their current positions.

Without upskilling opportunities, the gap in the supply and demand of talented workers will continue to grow as more jobs require technical skills and innovative thinking. To understand why it is critical to learn new skills in today’s job market and economy, let’s look at the situation from both a company and an individual level.

Upskilling Within a Company

In a world where technology is advancing quickly and the way we work is constantly evolving, companies should create upskilling programs for their employees to encourage development within their culture.

McKinsey & Company report found that many corporate leaders believe skill building is the best way to close skills gaps – even more so than hiring, outsourcing, or moving employees into other, similar, roles.

An upskilling program allows the organization to set aside a budget for staff members who want to pursue courses outside of the scope of their job descriptions—not only does it help employees continue to grow and feel more fulfilled, but it can also help them learn new skills which they can invest back into the workplace. This makes them more valuable and helps them stay engaged with their work.

As much as possible, employees should be able to take on new challenges and grow through their organization. When your company creates upskilling programs, you encourage employees to learn something new, which in turn helps them become more effective at their jobs and sets them up for advancement opportunities.

Upskilling for Individuals

More than ever, the world of work is a competitive one. If you want to find a job that you love, you need to make sure that you are upskilling with every new opportunity that you pursue. Whether you’re working on a career change, trying to get ahead in your current job, or looking for a way to better yourself in preparation for life after graduation, upskilling is an investment that will pay off for years.

According to Indeed, learning new skills can open individuals to better job opportunities, a higher salary, and overall career development.

Organizations are looking for candidates who can perform up to their standards and hit the ground running. That’s why upskilling is so important: it gives you the chance to gain expertise, be a more attractive candidate, and have a leg up on the competition.

As technology advances, the education and skills required for workers to stay competitive increases. Companies that provide worker upskilling act as valuable resources for those who want to develop skills that are needed in the job market today. Similarly, individuals seeking upskilling opportunities give themselves better chances of finding quality employment.

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