Working With a Staffing Firm Can Give Employers a Leg Up in a Hiring Downturn

It’s no secret that light industrial companies are having a difficult time with staffing. Not only are we in the midst of the Great Resignation, but we are also in a recession. As the market turns down, business owners and managers have to make the difficult decision to scale back wherever they can. Often, that means conducting layoffs or putting a pause on hiring efforts.

During times like this, it can be incredibly helpful for light industrial organizations to partner with a resourceful staffing firm. It takes an incredible amount of time and resources to recruit, interview, and hire talented individuals. Instead of handling everything yourself, partner with an agency that does the legwork for you.

How Contract Staffing Helps During a Recession

Contract staffing is a type of recruiting that seeks and provides talented individuals on an as-needed basis. For example, let’s say an organization has a large project coming up and they could use an extra hand. It wouldn’t make sense for them to recruit, hire, and train a new staff member that they don’t need for more than a few months, so they turn to a staffing firm.

A staffing firm can look internally for someone right for the role or recruit an individual who operates through their own entity. Once the agency finds a perfect fit, the organization gains a temporary staff member, and a talented person obtains valuable work. This results in more flexibility, less risk, and lower costs for employers.

Let’s dive into the benefits of contract staffing:

Increased Flexibility

Utilizing contract employees means an organization only pays for services they need when they need them. Instead of maintaining a full staff year-round, they can bring on people when business ramps up and choose to not renew contracts when things are slower.

Less Risk

Employers must assume a lot of risk when they hire full-time staff members – especially those who work in the light industrial field. For example, there are matters of workers’ compensation and employment laws. Additionally, a full-time staff member can choose to leave an organization without notice. A contracted employee has a responsibility to fulfill their contractual obligation.

Decreased Costs

A recession typically means tighter budgets. Maintaining a full-time staff and providing benefits can be very expensive, especially for light industrial businesses. Hiring project-based employees means organizations only have to pay someone for the services they need. Plus, because the contracted individual is either self-employed or employed by the staffing agency, the hiring entity is not responsible for benefits, like health insurance, or 401k.

Final Thoughts

Utilizing project-based workers can help your organization get through the recession and come out stronger.  Synergy Solutions is here to make sure that happens. Contact us today, so we can understand your unique needs and connect you with someone who is a perfect fit.