Synergy Solutions is a professional recruitment firm servicing the Midwest, and expanding service offerings to Florida and Texas. Our mission is to help businesses in our communities find talented professionals that will become an integral part of day-to-day operations.

Throughout our experiences in the staffing industry, we’ve realized that many people – from HR professionals to skilled workers looking for new employment – are looking for information that will help them make smart choices for themselves, their careers, and the organizations they work for.

It can be hard to stay on top of current trends, industry changes, and innovative operational methods when you’re already busy working your full-time job. Gone are the days of leisurely reading the morning paper with breakfast at your kitchen table!

These days, there is so much information out there coming from all kinds of sources – legitimate and bogus. Some sources are so good at presenting their information that it’s almost impossible to determine whether you’re reading unbiased news or skewed information.

That’s precisely why we’ve created the Synergy Solutions blog. We are dedicated to presenting real information that is backed by data and science.

We aim to make this a resource for everyone in the industries we work with, including CEOs, HR leaders, new hires, tenured employees, people who are interested in our industries, and everyone in-between.

Meet Synergy Solutions

Synergy Solutions was founded by Joe Miller. Joe was COO of a large company that filled their teams using several big box staffing firms. He was surprised by the poor-quality candidates they offered and the high prices they charged. He knew he could do better.

So, he created a company that could give his clients better service and better candidates at a competitive price. His first step was to make sure every employee he brought on fit Synergy’s values. That way, our clients and our contractors could see our values come to life whenever they interact with us. Today, he oversees all operations and new technology initiatives here at Synergy.

Synergy’s core values are:

  • Matching the Right Person with the Right Job
  • Adapting to the needs of clients
  • Doing everything with a Blue Collar Work Ethic
  • Driven by People – Candidate and Client experience is paramount

Joe runs Synergy with a dedicated team of individuals that come from different backgrounds within the staffing and recruitment industry. Head of Recruitment, Michael Rea entered the industry in 2011 as a technical recruiter. Right away, he was able to build strong relationships with his clients and candidates. This led him to join Joe at Synergy in 2014 when we were still just a start-up. Now, he oversees Synergy’s recruitment operations.

Synergy Solutions Blog Debut

Our first blog will dive into toxic workplace culture. Check back soon!