How We Work

Who we are.

We want to help connect you to companies around the area, and do it in a way that’s personal and efficient. We’re utilizing our experience as recruiters, to be able to build a relationship with you, and our expertise with technology to make the process smooth and fast.

Getting to know you.

From day one, Synergy will work to learn more about you, what you want out of a career, what skills you have, what kind of environment you thrive in and what makes you tick. We’ll use all of this information to help place you into roles that fit who you are and who you want to be.

Training for any role.

The skills you have today are not necessarily the skills you’ll need tomorrow. Synergy will work with you to get you the training you need — whether it’s experience with accounting software, an understanding of advanced manufacturing processes, or updated IT skills. This way, you’ll be ready to succeed with any company.


We work with top companies in the area, and have placed professionals in a variety of roles. Before we give you an assignment, we’ll contact you and let you know what roles you’ll be the best fit for. We’ll tell you why you’re right for that role, and show you what roles it could lead to down the road.


And speaking of down the road, the skills you build with Synergy could definitely help you build a career. After all, whether you’re joining them for a summer job, or a 2-year contract, you’ll build relationships across that organization and put yourself in a position to get picked up full-time.