About Us

It’s all about relationships.

Why Synergy?

You need to find people for your company. But they need to be more than just warm bodies. They need to be talented and teachable, while at the same time self-motivated and disciplined. They also need to fit within your organization and not require a lot of set-up or training time.

Connecting you with the people you need is what Synergy does best. You see, we don’t just rely on a fancy computer algorithm or giant database of names. Our approach to staffing is a bit more old school. We’ll start by getting to know you. By understanding your business. By learning directly from you what kind of people you wish you could bring on.

Once we’ve established a relationship, and once we’ve gathered information, we’ll bring in some of the industry’s most advanced computer software and start matching you with candidates. And these are candidates that we’ve trained. That we’ve placed with other companies. That we know as well as we know you.

We chose the name Synergy, because it describes how well we’ll work with our clients and our associates, and how well our technology meshes with our recruiting and relationship-building skills. It’s an ideal combination for our success and for yours.

So, if you’re looking for a staffing company that understands the kind of company you are, and can help you become the company that you want to be, build a relationship with Synergy.